Trafford Park, Manchester

We have been recommended and were contacted by a an Industrial Refrigeration company to disconnect supplies to 8 number chillers, the program was done in phases over the course of a year.

Each chiller had to be disconnected and the current supply cable had to be adapted through custom made junction Boxes made solely for this job and extended to new positions.

Each cable adapted was from 240mm to 300mm per core with a total of 4 core’s per armoured for each chiller unit, in some cases through 800mm Copex using single core tri-rated cables.

There were two types of chillers, some needing a far greater loading, these were the chillers that needed 300mm 4 core cables, in these circumstances it was easier to replace the cable from the isolation chamber close by and create a new route via ladder racking directly into the chiller.

Health and safety procedures were key here as the importance of the job was HIGH, everything had to be planned to the last nut and bolt as any hold up would have been unacceptable to the client.

Task Electrical were down for the full design of this job.

Of the back of this job, we have been working consistently with chiller changeovers and have developed good working relationship’s with all trades included in the change over of chillers.