Health, safety and the environment are given prime consideration in our operations

It is our policy to continually maintain TASK’s performance in this area.

Our Health, Safety & Environmental Management System (HSEMS) has been developed to meet the requirements of OHSAS18001 & ISO14001 specifications.


The organisation’s HSEMS is used to develop its health, safety & environmental policy and manage its risks. It includes the organisational structure, planning activities, responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes and resources for establishing its policy and objectives and for achieving its targets.

We also make sure our team of present and future employees and competent and have all necessary screening and qualifications to uphold our standards of work practices.

TASK hold full public liability insurance, which covers all our employees of up to 10 million.

TASK employees undertake a mandatory Health & Safety induction. All staff are trained in Safe Working, on Ladders and Steps (including inspection), Mobile Towers (PASMA or PASMA Advanced), Asbestos Awareness (reviewed for refresher annually), Risk Assessment Workshop, Mobile Elevating Working Platforms (IPAF), CSCS as applicable to trade and Manual Handling Techniques. Please note this is not an exhaustive list of training provided but a selection we implement as a bear minimum to new employees where necessary.

TASK also have a pro-active approach to ongoing training both internally and externally and provide in-house systems tailored to meet our operatives and clients needs as well as any legislative requirements in health and safety. We constantly review skills to meet the Company’s objectives and future plans. All employees are encouraged to share the responsibility for identifying training needs in order to meet current and future work objectives that will benefit them, Task and our clients.