Thermal Imaging

imagesAt Task Electrical we know the damaging and costly implications an electrical breakdown can cause.

Whilst periodic inspection and testing of a fixed wired installation is an integral part of maintenance to an electrical infrastructure there are often things that just cannot be seen through the traditional methods of inspection and testing.

Distribution equipment, switchgear and critical equipment in the modern day business can rarely be shutdown for inspection and testing. It is usually at these points in an installation that the most electrical stress, possible overload damage and other undetected faults can lay dormant.

thermal-imagingThermal imaging allows us to have an ‘X-ray’ view so to speak. We can view all points of switchgear, critical equipment and mains distribution and detect;

  • Loose connections
  • Thermal overloads
  • Individual circuit overloads
  • Phase imbalances on three phase electrical intake heads
  • Water & corrosion

These faults if left undetected can have massive production loss, downtime and in extreme cases electrical fire.

Thermal imaging is an invaluable tool put together with a regular maintenance program. A potential fault can be seen before it happens and planned in at a suitable time that won’t have huge cost and breakdown implications on the business.

Our specialist team can set up a regular programme of thermal imaging, which is tailored to the nature of your business.